Posted On: Aug 28, 2018

AWS Fargate now supports the ability to run tasks on a regular, scheduled basis and in response to CloudWatch Events. This makes it easier to launch and stop container services that you need to run only at certain times.

Previously, you could start and stop Fargate tasks manually, but running tasks on a schedule required writing and integrating an external scheduler Amazon ECS API.

Now, Fargate supports scheduling tasks in response to CloudWatch Events. You can easily launch and stop Fargate tasks that you only need to run at certain times. AWS Fargate tasks can be scheduled through the Fargate console, the CloudWatch Events console, and the AWS CLI.

You can also now set AWS Fargate as an ECS task target in CloudWatch Events, allowing you to launch tasks in response to changes that happen in your AWS resources. Additionally, you can modify the Network Configuration when using the awsvpc network mode via the CloudWatch Events console and AWS CLI, giving AWS Fargate tasks triggered by CloudWatch Events the same networking properties as Amazon EC2 instances.

For more information on scheduling tasks with AWS Fargate, please visit our Fargate documentation page.

For more information on CloudWatch Events, please visit our CloudWatch Events documentation page.