Posted On: Aug 31, 2018

The Amazon Kinesis Video Streams Producer SDK is now available for Microsoft Windows to help you stream video into AWS from sources such as webcams, USB cameras, or RTSP (network) cameras connected to your Microsoft Windows machine.

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams makes it easy to securely stream video from millions of connected devices to AWS for real-time machine learning (ML), storage, and batch-oriented processing and analytics. It also durably stores, encrypts, and indexes video data in your streams, and allows you to access your data through easy-to-use APIs.

Amazon Kinesis Video Streams provides Producer SDKs in C++ and Java that you can build, configure, and install on devices. This software makes it easier to securely and reliably stream video into AWS frame-by-frame in real-time. In addition to Mac OS, Android, Linux, and Raspbian, the C++ Producer SDK is now also available for Microsoft Windows. Developers can use the Minimal GNU for Windows (MinGW) or the Microsoft Visual Studio C++ Compiler (MSVC) to build the producer SDK from source and start streaming from cameras connected to a Microsoft Windows machine. Additionally, we have also packaged the Producer SDK GStreamer Plug-in for Windows as a Docker image so you can simply do a Docker pull and get started with streaming video in minutes. Please refer the developer documentation to learn more.

Refer to the AWS global region table for Amazon Kinesis Video Streams availability.