Posted On: Aug 2, 2018

We are announcing two new Amazon Kinesis Data Streams features that boost the performance of your Kinesis Data Streams applications: a new HTTP/2 data retrieval API and enhanced fan-out.

The new enhanced fan-out feature provides logical pipes with up to 2MB/sec of throughput between one or more consumers and shards, allowing customers to scale the number of consumers reading from a stream in parallel while maintaining performance. The new HTTP/2 data retrieval API, called SubscribeToShard, improves the data delivery speed between producers and multiple consumers by more than 65%. Using this new API, data is typically delivered from producers to multiple consumers using enhanced fan-out within 70 milliseconds. Together, these features allow customers to run multiple high performance, low-latency streaming applications on a single Kinesis data stream.

In the US East (N. Virginia) AWS Region, enhanced fan-out usage costs $0.015 per consumer-shard hour and $0.013 per GB of data retrieved from a data stream. These features are available in all AWS regions.

We are also launching Kinesis Client Library (KCL) version 2.0 to make it easy for customers to use the new HTTP/2 SubscribeToShard API and enhanced fan-out. Follow the step-by-step guidance within the AWS user documentation to upgrade existing KCL applications to version 2.0. Visit the Amazon Kinesis Data Streams page to learn more about the HTTP/2 SubscribeToShard API and enhanced fan-out.