Posted On: Sep 24, 2018

Amazon Connect now provides a queue metrics API. You can now programmatically access real-time metrics for queues in your contact center, as well as near-real-time historical metrics from the preceding 24 hours. For example, you could use the queue metrics API to extend a custom dashboard with real-time data showing the number of contacts or available agents in a given queue. You could also use this API to retrieve historical queue metrics for use in a custom reporting platform or workforce management solutions. To get started, see the API documentation for GetCurrentMetricData for real-time queue metrics, and GetMetricData for near-real-time queue metrics.

The queue metrics API is available in all AWS regions where Amazon Connect is offered. There is no charge in addition to standard pricing for service usage and associated telephony rates. To learn more about Amazon Connect, the AWS service for self-service contact centers in the cloud, please visit the Amazon Connect website.