Posted On: Sep 21, 2018

The AWS command line interface (CLI) now allows you to create a kubeconfig file during Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS) cluster creation with a single command.

The kubeconfig file provides connection information for kubectl, the Kubernetes management CLI, which allows you to interact with your Amazon EKS cluster. Previously, customers had to manually create and edit the kubeconfig file with a text editor to add cluster information.

Now, the update-kubeconfig command in the AWS CLI lets you create or update the kubeconfig file for your cluster and it automatically populates the required information into the file. You can use the command to create and to update the file at any time for your Amazon EKS cluster. This simplifies setting up a new Amazon EKS cluster or changing the file for an existing cluster.

To learn more, visit the Amazon EKS documentation.

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