Posted On: Sep 7, 2018

You can now launch Amazon EMR clusters with the next generation of Compute Optimized C5d instances, General Purpose M5d instances and Memory Optimized R5 and R5d instances from the Amazon EC2 family. These instances are available for EMR clusters with release 5.13.0 and later. Compute Optimized C5d instances feature cost-effective high-performance compute processors and also comes equipped with local NVMe-based SSD storage. They are ideal for compute-intensive big-data applications that require ultra-low-latency local storage. General Purpose M5d instances offer a balance of compute, memory and networking and comes equipped with high-throughput local NVMe-based SSD storage to cater to a broad range of workloads. Memory Optimized R5 instances have high memory to vCPU ratio and are ideal for memory-intensive analytics workloads. R5d instances share their specs with R5 instances and also include local NVMe-based SSD storage. These instances are available in various sizes. To learn more about these instances please visit the Amazon EC2 instance page. For Amazon EMR pricing for these instances, visit the Amazon EMR pricing page.

Amazon EMR supports these instances in the following regions:

C5d and M5d instances are supported in US East (N.Virginia and Ohio), US West (Oregon), Europe(Ireland), and Canada regions.

R5 instances are supported in US East (N.Virginia and Ohio), US West(Oregon), and Europe(Ireland) regions.

R5d instances are supported in US East (N.Virginia and Ohio) and US West (Oregon) regions.