Posted On: Sep 18, 2018

AWS Application Discovery Service (ADS), which helps enterprise customers plan migration projects by gathering information about their on-premises data centers, launched a Data Exploration feature. This new feature allows you to easily query data that ADS agents pull from your on-premises servers in one single location, giving you the opportunity to better assess and plan for your migration project.

Once you enable the Data Exploration option from the Migration Hub console, data collected by all the agents will automatically be stored in an Amazon S3 bucket created for you and the data will be automatically updated. You can then visit Amazon Athena and run pre-defined queries to export the utilization data and network connection data for all your servers. You can analyze the exported data to derive the cost of running your servers on AWS and to understand the network dependencies between different servers.

With this feature, you can write your own custom queries, connect discovered servers with your business applications by utilizing data from sources like the Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and visualize the Athena query output in Amazon QuickSight to perform additional analysis.

To learn more about the Data Exploration feature, go here.