Posted On: Oct 25, 2018

Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes (EKS) now allows clusters to be created in a Amazon VPC addressed with additional IPv4 CIDR blocks in the and ranges. This allows customers additional flexibility in configuring the networking for their EKS clusters.

The CIDR blocks supported by Amazon VPC are here, in the table titled IPv4 CIDR Block Association Restrictions.  

Previously, EKS customers could only create clusters in VPCs that were addressed with RFC 1918 private IP address ranges. This meant customers were often unable to allocate sufficient private IP address space to support the number of Kubernetes pods managed by EKS.

Now, customers can create EKS clusters in Amazon VPCs addressed with CIDR blocks in the and ranges. This gives customers more available IP addresses for their pods managed by Amazon EKS and more flexibility for networking architectures. Additionally, by adding secondary CIDR blocks to a VPC from the and ranges, in conjunction with the CNI Custom Networking feature, it is possible for pods to no longer consume any RFC 1918 IP addresses in a VPC.

For more information about Amazon EKS networking, visit the documentation.

Please visit the AWS region table to see all AWS regions where Amazon EKS is available.