Posted On: Oct 2, 2018

AWS Migration Hub provides a single location to track the progress of servers and database migrations as applications across multiple AWS and partner migration tools. Using Migration Hub, your application’s migration status now automatically updates when the app’s server or database migrations start. When you’re migrating hundreds or thousands of servers to AWS, it is a best practice to track your server and database migrations as application groupings.

Until now, you needed to determine if an app migration had started and manually update the status. Automated application status eliminates this manual step and lets you more quickly complete your migrations to AWS. App status automation also keeps the Migration Hub Dashboard up-to-date for sharing portfolio wide metrics with your migration leads and key stakeholders without additional work.

To get started, connect your migration tools to the Migration Hub. For more details, see Getting Started with AWS Migration Hub.

There is no additional cost for using Automated Application Migration Status. To learn more about AWS Migration Hub, please visit the AWS Migration Hub website.