Posted On: Oct 17, 2018

Today, Infineon’s XMC4800 IoT Connectivity Kit is qualified for Amazon FreeRTOS. You can now take advantage of Amazon FreeRTOS features and benefits for microcontrollers using the development board from Infineon.

This enables you to easily and securely connect your XMC4800-based devices to AWS cloud services like AWS IoT Core or to edge devices running AWS Greengrass. This kit contains the XMC4800 microcontroller base board and a Wi-Fi Click Board connectivity module. XMC4800 IoT Connectivity Kit also supports EtherCAT communication for Industry 4.0 applications.

You can get started with Infineon’s XMC4800 and Amazon FreeRTOS today by downloading the code from GitHub or from the Amazon FreeRTOS console.