Posted On: Oct 3, 2018

We've updated two of our AWS training courses to map to the latest AWS service updates and current best practices: Architecting on AWS and Security Engineering on AWS. Classes are taught by accredited AWS instructors so you can learn best practices and get live feedback to your questions.

Architecting on AWS, one of our most popular courses, teaches the fundamentals of building IT infrastructure on AWS. The updated course focuses on scalable architectural patterns, and includes updated content around cloud-based architectures, container orchestration with AWS Fargate and Amazon Elastic Container Service, Microservices, and serverless architectures. The updated course also steps you through the architectural process needed to build scalable and resilient solutions in the cloud and has five new hands-on labs to reinforce conceptual understanding. We recommend learners complete AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials before attending this course.

Security Engineering on AWS, previously known as Security Operations on AWS, teaches how to efficiently use AWS security services to stay secure in the AWS Cloud. This course has been renamed based on customer feedback to better align with course content. The course now covers new services such as Amazon GuardDuty, includes new hands-on labs, and covers cases and scenarios related to incident response. The course has also been reorganized, beginning with a simple three-tier web application environment, moving to a hybrid environment, and finishing at a serverless environment, so learners can build their knowledge as the course progresses. We recommend learners take Architecting on AWS prior to enrolling.

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