Posted On: Nov 20, 2018

Today, Amazon AppStream 2.0 released a new Windows Client. The Windows Client lets you use dual monitors and USB peripherals such as 3D mice with your applications on AppStream 2.0. Dual monitors improve multi-tasking by providing additional screen space, and 3D mice make it easier to use design applications on AppStream 2.0. The Windows Client also supports keyboard shortcuts, such as Alt + Tab, clipboard shortcuts, and function keys.

Administrators can download the AppStream 2.0 Windows Client from and install it remotely for all users in their organization. They can then configure the client to launch with their SAML 2.0 sign-in portal to allow their users to easily sign in and start using their applications on AppStream 2.0. They can also configure application streaming links to launch in the Windows Client instead of a browser. To learn more about how to deploy and use the Windows Client visit the documentation.

USB peripherals and keyboard shortcuts are supported on all streaming instances, and dual monitors on general purpose, compute optimized, memory optimized, and graphics pro streaming instances. The Windows Client is compatible with Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. AppStream 2.0 offers pay-as-you-go pricing. Please see Amazon AppStream 2.0 Pricing for more information, and try our sample applications.