Posted On: Nov 15, 2018

Amazon Comprehend for advanced text analytics now includes Custom Classification.

Text classification is an effective tool to analyze and organize unstructured text. You can use the Custom Classification feature to understand, label and route information based on your own business rules. For example, contact centers can classify the content of customer requests to route them quickly to the most appropriate support team, and website comments can be automatically moderated if inappropriate comments are detected. 

Building custom solutions to classify text can be time intensive and requires advanced machine learning skills to train custom classification models. Amazon Comprehend Custom Classification uses an AutoML capability to enable you to easily build custom text classification models using your business-specific labels without learning ML. For example, your customer support organization can use Custom Classification to automatically categorize inbound requests by problem type based on how the customer has described the issue. Creating a custom model is simple. You provide examples of text for each of the labels you want to use, and Comprehend trains on those to create your custom model. No machine learning experience required, you can build your custom model without using a single line of code. An SDK is available for you to integrate your customer classifier into your current applications. With your custom model, it is easy to moderate website comments, triage customer feedback, and organize workgroup documents.

To try the new feature, log in to the Amazon Comprehend console for a code-free experience, or download the AWS SDK. You can also learn more about this new feature in the documentation