Posted On: Nov 25, 2018

AWS Transfer for SFTP enables you to easily move your file transfer workloads that use the Secure Shell File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to AWS without needing to modify your applications or manage any SFTP servers.

Getting started with AWS Transfer for SFTP (AWS SFTP) is simple. Create an SFTP server and map your domain to the server endpoint, select authentication for your SFTP clients using service-managed identities, or integrate your own identity provider, and select your Amazon S3 buckets to store the transferred data. Your existing users can continue to operate with their existing SFTP clients or applications. Data uploaded or downloaded using SFTP is available in your Amazon S3 bucket, and can be used for archiving or processing in AWS.

With AWS SFTP, you pay only for the use of the SFTP server endpoint, and data uploaded and downloaded. AWS SFTP is available in AWS Regions worldwide including US East (N. Virginia, Ohio), US West (Oregon, N. California), Canada (Central), Europe (Ireland, Paris, Frankfurt, London), and Asia Pacific (Tokyo, Singapore, Sydney, Seoul).