Posted On: Nov 26, 2018

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announces the availability of C5n instances that can utilize up to 100 Gbps of network bandwidth. C5n instances offer significantly higher network performance across all instance sizes, ranging from 25 Gbps of peak bandwidth on smaller instance sizes to 100 Gbps of network bandwidth on the largest instance size. In addition, C5n instances also feature 33% higher memory footprint compared to C5 instances. C5n instances are ideal for applications that can take advantage of improved network throughput and packet rate performance.

C5n instances are powered by 3.0 GHz Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors (Skylake) and provide support for the Intel Advanced Vector Extensions 512 (AVX-512) instruction set. Based on the next generation AWS Nitro System, C5n instances make 100 Gbps networking available to network-bound workloads without requiring customers to use custom drivers or recompile applications. Workloads on C5n instances will continue to take advantage of the security, scalability and reliability of Amazon’s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Customers can also take advantage of this improved network performance to accelerate data transfer to and from S3, reducing the data ingestion wait time for applications and speeding up delivery of results. A wide range of applications such as High Performance Computing (HPC), analytics, machine learning, Big Data and data lake applications can benefit from these instances.

These instances are available today in US East (N. Virginia and Ohio), US West (Oregon), Europe (Ireland), and AWS GovCloud (US-West) AWS Regions. Customers can use C5n instances as On-Demand, Reserved or Spot Instances.

To get started, visit the AWS Management Console, AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), and AWS SDKs. To learn more, visit the Amazon EC2 C5 instance page.