Posted On: Dec 19, 2018

You can now route contacts directly to specific agents using agent queues. Previously, contacts in Amazon Connect were routed to shared queues that were typically handled by multiple agents. Now all agents have a personal queue, without additional configuration. Just as with contacts in standard queues, a contact in an agent queue appears as an incoming call in the Contact Control Panel (CCP) when the agent is set to available.

You can use agent queues to build contact flows that require routing to specific agents. For example, you can route a call to the same agent the customer last spoke with so the customer doesn't have to re-explain their history, based on the incoming phone number. You can also use the agent queues feature to route a contact to a specific agent who you know has the right skill set to handle the contact, based on the type of contact.

To get started, simply add the appropriate block to your contact flow, and choose the user to route the contact to; see the documentation for further details. Agent queues are available in all AWS regions where Amazon Connect is offered. There is no additional charge to use agent queues, beyond standard pricing for service usage and associated telephony rates. To learn more about Amazon Connect, the AWS service for self-service contact centers in the cloud, please visit the Amazon Connect website.