Posted On: Dec 18, 2018

You can now tag your Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) repositories with custom metadata. This makes it easier for you to organize, manage, search, and allocate costs. 

Previously, you needed to configure permissions for each repository separately. With many repositories spread across different teams, it was time-consuming to update the permissions to accommodate organization changes. There was also no way to understand usage per team to manage cost allocations.  

Now, user access to repositories will automatically update based on permission policies on user-defined tags. You can use AWS Cost Allocation to analyze the cost across teams and organizations.

Learn more in the Amazon ECR documentation or read our blog post.

Please visit the AWS region table to see all AWS regions where Amazon ECR is available. Repository Tagging is not available in EU (Stockholm) and AWS GovCloud.

UPDATE (5/7/2019): Amazon ECR Repositiory Tagging is now available in all regions where ECR is available.