Posted On: Dec 5, 2018

Amazon Pinpoint's new Deliverability Dashboard helps you understand and solve issues that could impact the deliverability of your emails. You rely on the email channel to deliver important information to your users, such as password resets and order confirmations, so protecting and improving your inbox placement rate and email sender reputation is incredibly important. With the Deliverability Dashboard, you can increase the effectiveness of your email campaigns and create a better email experience for your users.

The Deliverability Dashboard gives you insight into your inbox placement rate, provides predictive email placement tests, enables you to protect and manage your sender reputation, permits you to lease and monitor dedicated IP addresses, and is integrated directly within the Amazon Pinpoint email platform.

These features provide you with greater visibility into your email sending health and provide a set of tools that you can use to increase the likelihood of reaching your users. Building these deliverability tools on top of the Amazon Pinpoint email sending platform allows you to quickly and easily see a direct correlation between the quality of your messages and the engagement rates of your recipients.

The Amazon Pinpoint Deliverability Dashboard is available for a monthly cost of $1,250, which includes reputation monitoring for up to five domains and 25 predictive email placement tests. Please visit the Amazon Pinpoint pricing page for more information. You can use these features today in every AWS Region where Amazon Pinpoint is available. For more information, see the Amazon Pinpoint User Guide.