Posted On: Dec 14, 2018

You can now use AWS Shield Advanced to get higher levels of DDoS protections for your applications running on the recently announced AWS Global Accelerator. Simply enable AWS Shield Advanced protection on your Accelerator. AWS Shield Advanced will automatically detect the type of AWS resource behind the Accelerator and apply the relevant advanced DDoS protections. 

By default, AWS Shield Standard protects AWS Global Accelerator resources against the most common infrastructure layer DDoS attacks. With AWS Shield Advanced, you get protection against more sophisticated and larger DDoS attacks, by enhanced detection and mitigation tuned to your architecture behind the Accelerator. With AWS Shield Advanced you also get near-real-time attack visibility, 24x7 access to the AWS DDoS Response Team (DRT) for escalations, and economic protections against DDoS-related usage spikes in your protected resources.

Prices for AWS Shield Advanced for AWS Global Accelerator are similar to those for Elastic Load Balancing and AWS Elastic IP. You pay a monthly subscription fee of $3,000 per organization, plus data transfer out fees starting at $0.050 per GB. For most current details, please refer to AWS Shield Standard continues to provide automatic DDoS protections against common infrastructure layer attacks to all AWS customers, at no additional charge.

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