Posted On: Jan 22, 2019

AWS Systems Manager, which enables your desired state configuration through State Manager, now enforces configuration at the instance level, enabling configuration management on resources such as instance profiles, security groups, and images through integration with AWS Systems Manager Automation. You can safely schedule configurations inside and outside of your instances while applying those changes at a controlled velocity.  

Previously, State Manager was limited to configuration of inside-guest instance components such as the operating systems and applications. Through the use of Automation, State Manager becomes a complete desired state configuration solution for Amazon EC2 instances. It allows you to set and maintain instance-related configurations such as safely patching Auto Scaling groups, stopping EC2 instances at the end of each day, or adding the Systems Manager role to an instance profile. This enhancement also enables you to control the schedule and velocity at which you apply these configurations.  

For more details about this feature, see our Documentation. To learn more about AWS Systems Manager State Manager, visit our Product Page.