Posted On: Feb 13, 2019

AWS Solutions are technical reference implementations built and vetted by AWS Architects and AWS Partners, designed to help customers solve the common problems faced by their peers around the world. AWS Solutions are built to be operationally effective, performant, reliable, secure, cost effective, and be Well-Architected. Every AWS Solution comes with a detailed architecture diagram, a deployment guide, and instructions for both manual and automated deployment. You can use the architecture diagrams and deployment guide provided with each AWS Solution as a guide to build your own application, or use one of the provided automated deployment methods (such as a CloudFormation Template) to deploy automatically into your AWS Account. We offer AWS Solutions covering a wide range of technology and industry topics, such as how to collect and process connected vehicle data with AWS, simulate fleets of IoT devices, how to automate common cloud operational practices, and how to dynamically manipulate image files in real-time. 

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