Posted On: Mar 14, 2019

Starting today, the Amplify Framework includes support for OAuth 2.0 Authorization Code Grant flows in the native (iOS and Android) and React Native libraries. This enables developers to use any OAuth 2.0 compliant Identity Provider to authenticate their end users. Previously, developers had to use third-party libraries to achieve this use case, or write the logic by hand.

In addition, the new native and React Native libraries improve the developer experience for exchanging user tokens for AWS credentials by leveraging Amazon Cognito OAuth2 endpoint. This flow works with OAuth 2.0 Identity Providers, Social Identity Providers (such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google), OpenID Connect (OIDC), and SAML Identity Providers.

This release also provides simplified APIs for developer authenticated identities, device tracking features such as remember and forget device for Amazon Cognito User Pools, and a global sign-out capability for end users to sign-out from all active sessions.

To learn more about Amplify Framework, please visit our documentation. For more details about these features, refer to our blog post.