Posted On: Mar 18, 2019

Amazon Chime Business Calling lets you text or call to over 100 countries, directly from the Amazon Chime desktop, mobile, and web applications. Users place calls by dialing from the on-screen dial pad or by clicking on a Chime contact. Incoming calls will ring on all devices where a user is logged into Amazon Chime, and callers can leave a voicemail if there is no reply. There are no up-front payments or long-term commitments with Business Calling; customers pay for phone numbers, voice minutes, and text messages – with no additional seat fees.

Business Calling is easy to set up, and administrators can assign Business Calling features to individual Chime users as needed. Customers can purchase new telephone numbers, or port their existing numbers from their telecommunications provider.

This feature is available today in the US East (N. Virginia) region with support for United States telephone numbers.

To learn more about Business Calling, visit the Amazon Chime website. To start using Business Calling, log in to the Amazon Chime Console.