Posted On: Apr 25, 2019

After being announced in preview at Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2019, Amazon GameLift Realtime Servers is now available to help game developers create and customize affordable game servers.

Building a great multiplayer game experience oftentimes has barriers that deter game developers from building a multiplayer game. It can be time consuming and costly, and it requires expertise that not all game developers may have.

Using GameLift Realtime Servers, you can create multiplayer game servers that can be customized with just a few lines of JavaScript and then scale to millions of players for a fraction of a penny per player per month.

GameLift Realtime Servers is available in the following 15 AWS Regions: US East (N. Virginia and Ohio), US West (Oregon and N. California), Central Canada (Montreal), EU Central (Frankfurt), EU West (London and Ireland), Asia Pacific South (Mumbai), Asia Pacific Northeast (Seoul and Tokyo), Asia Pacific Southeast (Singapore and Sydney), AWS China (Beijing), and South America East (São Paulo).

To learn more and try out our sample game, visit the Amazon GameLift Product detail page or documentation.