Posted On: Apr 30, 2019

AWS X-Ray now includes Analytics, an interactive approach to analyzing user request paths (i.e., traces). Analytics will allow you to easily understand how your application and its underlying services are performing. With X-Ray Analytics, you can quickly detect application issues, pinpoint the root cause of the issue, determine the severity of the issues, and identify which end users were impacted. 

With AWS X-Ray Analytics you can explore, analyze, and visualize traces, allowing you to find increases in response time to user requests or increases in error rates. Metadata around peak periods, including frequency and actual times of occurrence, can be investigated by applying filters with a few clicks. You can then drill down on specific errors, faults, and response time root causes and view the associated traces.

AWS X-Ray Analytics introduces the ability to dynamically analyze application performance and error rates by comparing trace responses and trends across a holistic, filterable listing of attributes. For example, you can compare traces corresponding to separate response time peaks, occurring at different time intervals or compare application behavior of a single user to the rest of the users.

You can start using AWS X-Ray Analytics by using the AWS Management Console. Visit our documentation and blog post to learn more about X-Ray Analytics. AWS X-Ray Analytics is available in all regions where AWS X-Ray is available. Visit the AWS Region Table.