Amazon FSx for Windows File Server Adds Support for File System Monitoring with Amazon CloudWatch

Posted on: May 1, 2019

You can now use Amazon CloudWatch to monitor the activity of your Amazon FSx for Windows File Server file systems.

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server provides a fully managed native Microsoft Windows file system so you can easily move your Windows-based applications that require shared file storage to AWS. Built on Windows Server, Amazon FSx natively supports the SMB protocol, Windows NTFS, and Active Directory (AD). To meet a broad spectrum of needs, Amazon FSx delivers high levels of throughput and IOPS and provides consistent sub-millisecond latencies.

Amazon CloudWatch metrics are now available at no additional cost for new file systems in all regions where Amazon FSx is available. To learn more about monitoring activity on Amazon FSx, please visit our documentation or read our blog post, Monitoring Your Amazon FSx for Windows File Server Activity with Amazon CloudWatch. Please visit our product page to learn more about how to get started with Amazon FSx.