Amazon CloudWatch Adds Visibility for your .NET and SQL Server Application Health

Posted on: Jun 25, 2019

Amazon CloudWatch now supports Application Insights for .NET and SQL Server, a new capability that enables observability for .NET and SQL Server application stacks. It sets up and analyses important monitors from across your application resources to discover problems with your applications. For the detected issues, it creates CloudWatch Automatic Dashboards to visualize problem details, helping application owners troubleshoot faster and reduce their mean time to resolution (MTTR). 

When you onboard your application, CloudWatch Application Insights for .NET and SQL Server scans the underlying resources to recommend and configure important metrics and logs to monitor in CloudWatch. It utilizes Amazon SageMaker’s Machine Learning algorithms and built-in rules to continuously look for anomalies and errors with those resources and common application technologies such as Microsoft IIS, .NET framework and SQL Server. It provides additional insights on common problems with these applications, such as application latency, SQL Server failed backups, memory leaks, large HTTP requests, and aborted IO operations, pointing you to the potential root-cause and/or next steps to resolve. You can also drill down into further details for each problem, including correlated metric anomalies, snippets of associated log errors, and problem severity, that you can use to prioritize your actions. 

Getting started is easy. It takes a few clicks on the CloudWatch console to enable the capability for your AWS Resource Group running your .NET and SQL Server application. CloudWatch Application Insights is available at no additional charge, you pay for monitoring data set up on CloudWatch. To learn more, access the CloudWatch Getting Started page and documentation page.