Posted On: Jul 26, 2019

Amazon Elastic Container Registry (ECR) now supports immutable tags, a capability that prevents image tags from being overwritten. Previously, tags could be overwritten requiring manual methodologies to uniquely identify an image, but now with tag immutability you can use a common, intuitive approach which easily integrates with your CI/CD build options.  

Amazon ECR Tag Immutability enables customers to rely on the descriptive tags of an image as a reliable mechanism to track and uniquely identify images. Prior to this enhancement, tags could be overwritten requiring developers to use the Image SHA to know which image was being deployed. By setting an image tag as immutable, developers can now rely on the tag to correlate the deployed image version with the build that produced the image.  

You can get started with ECR Tag Immutability by creating a new repository or modifying the settings on your existing repositories and simply defining the Image Tag Mutability to be Immutable. For more information about using Immutable Image Tags, please see the Amazon ECR documentation. Please visit the AWS global region table to see where Amazon ECR is available.