Posted On: Jul 18, 2019

Starting today, you can create custom usage forecasts using AWS Cost Explorer to gain a line of sight into your future usage patterns. Cost Explorer’s usage forecasts use a machine learning algorithm that learns your historical usage trends and uses that information to provide a forecast of your future usage. Using these forecasts, you can better understand your expected cost trends and monitor your key usage patterns (for example, storage, data transfer, or running hours). Please note that you can generate your usage forecasts and explore your cost and usage data programmatically via the AWS Cost Explorer API.

From there, you can use these forecasted amounts to define custom usage budgets (using AWS Budgets) that will help you monitor these patterns and proactively alert you if changes in your usage patterns are detected.

To learn more about AWS Cost Explorer capabilities, refer to the AWS Cost Explorer webpage or the Forecasting with Cost Explorer user guide. To get started with AWS Cost Explorer, please refer to this blog post.