Posted On: Aug 15, 2019

You can now launch Amazon RDS instances for Oracle Database 18c.  

Oracle Database 18c introduces many new features such as Polymorphic Table Functions, Schema Only Accounts, Scalable Sequences, and others. 

A Polymorphic Table Function (PTF) is a type of table function whose return type is determined by the arguments passed into the PTF. This is ideal for developers if they want to provide generic extensions that support arbitrary input tables or queries. You can create Schema Only Accounts, for object ownership without allowing clients to log in to the schema. Scalable Sequences reduce the sequence and index block contention and can improve the performance of concurrent data ingestion workloads, especially when the sequence values are used for populating unordered primary or unique keys.  

To create a new Oracle Database 18c RDS instance with just a few clicks in the AWS Management Console, use the "Launch DB Instance" wizard and select the DB engine version "Oracle" (contains the July 2019 Release Update). Amazon RDS for Oracle also supports major version upgrade from, and to 18c. To upgrade your existing RDS for Oracle instances to 18c with just a few clicks from "Modify DB Instance Wizard" in the AWS Management Console, select the DB Engine version "". 

Learn more by visiting the Amazon RDS for Oracle 18c feature overview and release notes.

Please visit Amazon RDS for Oracle Pricing for complete regional availability information.