Posted On: Sep 5, 2019

Starting today, you can easily select any custom drive letter as well as mass deploy a specific drive letter for your organization. IT admins expect the flexibility to select a mounted drive letter based on their organization configurations, standards, or preferences. With Amazon WorkDocs Drive, you and your organization are offered not only the flexibility but also the control you need to specify a specific drive letter for your virtual WorkDocs Drive, thus empowering your organization to install and deploy WorkDocs Drive successfully to your organization’s standards and needs.

As an admin, you can select the drive letter of your choice at installation. This is done by specifying the drive letter at the installation time as a Command Line Interface (CLI) parameter. If the pre-defined drive letter is not available, then the user will be prompted to select an available drive letter during installation process.  

With this feature, WorkDocs Drive can now support multiple Window accounts on the same machine. As a result, every account can have its own Drive, thus allowing for multiple users to use WorkDrive on the same machine. 

This feature is available immediately for all Amazon WorkDocs customers at no additional charge. No user or administrator action is required to activate it. Discover more about WorkDocs, or sign up for a 30-day trial today