Amazon Chime Voice Connector adds real-time audio streaming

Posted on: Oct 24, 2019

Amazon Chime Voice Connector, a SIP trunking service that lets you save over 50% on voice calling costs from your on-premises phone system, now supports real-time audio streaming. The feature automatically sends audio from your business phone calls to Amazon Kinesis Video Streams, where it can be accessed by applications that you build. Previously, you had to integrate and deploy multi-vendor on-premises hardware and software platforms that were expensive and required disruptive changes to your enterprise voice network.

Using the Voice Connector audio streaming feature and other AWS services, you can easily build analytics, machine learning, and compliance solutions. For example, you can integrate Voice Connector audio streams with AWS Transcribe to transcribe and store calls for compliance monitoring and risk management. You can also use this feature to build applications to derive customer sentiment from conversations using Amazon Comprehend.

To get started with the audio streaming feature, login to the Amazon Chime console and enable audio streaming on your Voice Connector. To learn more about the feature, visit our technical documentation. The audio streaming feature is generally available starting today in the US East (N. Virginia) and US West (Oregon) regions. The feature is priced at $.0028 per minute of use in addition to Voice Connector inbound and outbound calling charges. To learn more about Amazon Chime Voice Connector, please visit the Amazon Chime website.