Posted On: Nov 26, 2019

Today, we publish additional query metrics that can help customers understand Amazon Athena performance. Athena publishes query-related metrics to Amazon CloudWatch. With this release, Athena will publish four additional query metrics. They are:

  • Query Planning Time, the time taken to plan the query. This includes the time spent retrieving table partitions from the data source,
  • Query Queuing Time, the time that the query was in a queue waiting for resources,
  • Service Processing Time, the time taken to write results after the query engine finished its execution,
  • Total Execution Time, time Athena took to run the query.

You can create custom dashboards, set alarms and triggers on metrics in CloudWatch, or use pre-populated dashboards directly from the Athena console to consume these new query metrics.  

Please visit our documentation to learn more about the new published metrics.