Posted On: Nov 25, 2019

Amazon CloudWatch has added three new features to the Application Insights for .NET and SQL Server capability to further enhance observability for your .NET and SQL Server based applications.

Starting today, you can use Application Insights to automatically detect, configure, and monitor key Windows performance counters including metrics for .NET CLR Exceptions, Interop, JIT, and memory. In addition, you can now monitor your .NET Core and SQL Server applications running on EC2 instances with Linux-based operating systems. Lastly, you can specify your custom alarms which makes it easier to correlate your custom key performance indicators to the other anomalies detected across the application stack to reduce your mean time to resolution (MTTR).

Launched earlier this year, Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights enables observability for your .NET and SQL Server based applications. It sets up and analyses important monitors from across your application resources to detect problems with your applications. For the detected issues, it creates CloudWatch Automatic Dashboards to visualize problem details, helping application owners troubleshoot faster and reduce their mean time to resolution. It is available in all AWS public regions at no additional charge, you pay for monitoring data set up on CloudWatch. To learn more, access the CloudWatch Getting Started page and documentation page.