Posted On: Nov 20, 2019

Amazon FSx for Windows File Server, a service that provides fully managed native Microsoft Windows file systems, now supports Data Deduplication, reducing storage costs by 50-60% for general file shares.

Large datasets often have redundant data. For example, with user file shares, multiple users tend to have files that are similar or identical. As another example, with software development shares, most binaries remain largely unchanged from build to build. Data Deduplication is a feature in Windows Server that reduces costs that are associated with redundant data by storing duplicated portions of files only once. It optimizes files transparently such that users and applications accessing the data are unaware of deduplication. Storage administrators can start saving on storage costs for their Amazon FSx file systems by turning on Data Deduplication with a single command. Typical savings are 50-60% for general-purpose file shares, 30-50% for user documents, and 70-80% for software development data sets.

Support for Data Deduplication is now available at no additional cost for all new file systems in all regions where Amazon FSx is available. Customers with existing file systems will get this support during an upcoming weekly maintenance window. Learn more about Amazon FSx for Windows File Server in our pre-re:Invent Storage Day blog, and for more information about this new feature, see the Data Deduplication documentation