Amazon S3 Inventory now reports the Intelligent-tiering access tier for objects

Posted on: Nov 1, 2019

Customers can now use Amazon S3 Inventory to report the access tier of objects stored in the S3 Intelligent-Tiering storage class. S3 Intelligent-Tiering is a new storage class that makes it easy for developers and IT infrastructure managers to reduce costs on storage when access patterns change without sacrificing performance or availability. It works by storing objects in one of two access tiers: one tier that is optimized for Frequent access, and another lower-cost tier that is optimized for Infrequent access. You can now use S3 Inventory to view the access tier of your Intelligent-Tiering objects in all AWS Regions.  

Amazon S3 inventory is one of the tools Amazon S3 provides to help manage your storage. You can use it to audit and report on the status of your objects for business, compliance, and regulatory needs. Amazon S3 inventory provides comma-separated values (CSV), Apache optimized row columnar (ORC) or Apache Parquet (Parquet) output files that list your objects and their corresponding metadata on a daily or weekly basis for an S3 bucket or a shared prefix. Customers can now also report Intelligent-Tiering access tier as a metadata field in their inventory reports. This feature is introduced at no-charge. For more information on pricing please see Amazon S3 pricing.  

You can get started with S3 Inventory by using the S3 Management Console, API, CLI or SDK to set your Inventory configuration. To learn what else is included in Inventory reports please visit Amazon S3 Inventory.