AWS CodeCommit Enables Enforcing Approval Rule Workflows For Pull Requests

Posted on: Nov 20, 2019

You can now block merging pull requests until specified rules are met. Previously, you could only block merging a pull request through custom IAM permissions. You can now create an approval rule specifically for a pull request, or create approval rule templates to be applied to all future pull requests in a repository. You can specify rule requirements, such as the total number of approvals or approval from a specific user, that must be met before code is merged. Approval rules and approval rule templates help ensure that only high quality code changes are merged into your codebase.

For more information about approval rules for individual pull requests, see Create an Approval Rule for a Pull Request. For more information about approval rule templates, see Working with Approval Rule Templates. To get started, visit the CodeCommit console.

To see a list of all the regions where CodeCommit is available, please check out the AWS global region table.