Posted On: Nov 20, 2019

Amazon Web Services (AWS) announces expansion of AWS Ground Station to the Middle East (Bahrain) region. AWS Ground Station is a fully managed service that lets you control satellite communications, process satellite data, and scale your satellite operations.

AWS Ground Station is expanding to multiple geographic regions to ensure customers are served across the world. With the Middle East (Bahrain) Ground Station deployment, budding startup communities and enterprises in the region can communicate with their satellites and run workloads in the Middle East to serve end users across the region. This will help businesses and organizations throughout the Middle East speed up their digital transformation and innovate even more rapidly. The new AWS Middle East (Bahrain) Ground Station will bring opportunities for entrepreneurs leading start-ups to experiment, iterate, and fail fast as they develop new products and services. Customers can easily integrate satellite data with other AWS services, either in the same region or in another AWS Region using Amazon’s international, high-capacity backbone network. Use Amazon EC2 for compute, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) for storage, Amazon Rekognition for imaging analysis, Amazon SageMaker to apply AI/ML to satellite imagery data, AWS IoT Greengrass to build market-specific IoT solutions.

AWS Ground Station is available today in US-West-2 (Oregon), US-East-2 (Ohio), and ME-south-1 (Bahrain), with more regions coming soon. To learn more about AWS Ground Station, visit here. To get started with AWS Ground Station, visit the AWS Management console here.