Posted On: Nov 13, 2019

AWS IoT Device Management now provides enhanced fleet-level metrics and insights with simple statistics, percentiles, and cardinality.

Simple statistics enables customers to find the min, max, sum, average, standard deviation, variance, and sum of squares metrics of device data. For example, customers can find the average battery life across a fleet of devices to perform preventative maintenance. Percentiles enables customers to find percentile groupings across device data. For example, customers can identify overheating equipment in the 99th percentile of temperature. Cardinality enables customers to count unique values across device data. For example, customers can identify the number of distinct software versions running on connected sensors.

These features are available to customers through the AWS Console or CLI. To learn more, see the documentation.

This new feature is available in all AWS regions where AWS IoT Device Management is offered. To learn more about managing connected devices at scale, please visit the AWS IoT Device Management website.