Posted On: Nov 21, 2019

AWS Migration Hub available in the EU (Frankfurt) Region. You can now centrally discover, plan, and track your migrations into any commercial AWS region from the Migration Hub in the EU (Frankfurt) Region. 

Available in US West (Oregon) and EU (Frankfurt), Migration Hub provides a single location to discover your on-premises infrastructure, obtain right-sized EC2 instance recommendations, and track the progress of your application migrations across multiple AWS and partner solutions. You can migrate into any AWS region supported by your migration tools and the migration status will appear in Migration Hub in the region you select as your Migration Hub home region. 

You can select a Migration Hub home region where your data will be stored for discovery, planning, and migration tracking. To start discovery and planning, you can deploy a collector, Discovery Agents or a Connector, into your data centers and the collectors send data to the service in the Migration Hub home region. When ready to migrate, you can use the migration tools that best fit your needs, migrate servers and applications into any commercial AWS region, and migration progress reported by each tool is stored in the Migration Hub home region. The data stored in the Migration Hub home region provides a single repository of discovery and migration planning information for your entire portfolio and a single view of migrations into multiple AWS regions. 

AWS Migration Hub is available to AWS customers at no additional charge. You only pay for the cost of the migration tools you use, and any resources being consumed on AWS. To get started with Migration Hub, log in to the Migration Hub console and follow the guided workflow. To learn more, visit the AWS Migration Hub page or refer to the recent Webinar on “ How AWS Migration Hub Helps You Plan, Track, and Complete Your Application Migrations”