Posted On: Nov 21, 2019

Tag-on create is now available for AWS Certificate Manager (ACM) and Private Certificate Authority (CA). Upon creation, you can tag your ACM certificates and private certificate authorities (CAs). By tagging resources at time of creation you can eliminate the need to run custom tagging scripts after resource creation. 

In addition, you can now set IAM policies on your ACM Certificates and Private CAs using tags. This enables automated policy application to give you more granular control over who has access to a certificate or a CA.  

Visit the ACM Certificate manager and Private CA documentation to learn more about tag-on create and tag-based IAM controls.  

For a list of regions where ACM and Private CA availability, see AWS Regions and Endpoints.  

To get started, first time ACM Private CA customers can try the service for 30 days with no charge for the operation of their first CA. Visit the ACM Private CA website to learn more about ACM Private CA.