Introducing the new Amazon SageMaker Notebook Experience – Now in Preview

Posted on: Dec 3, 2019

Amazon SageMaker has launched the public preview of a new notebook experience that allows developers to spin up machine learning notebooks in seconds, and enables sharing of notebooks with just a single click. The new experience is available via SageMaker Studio, a fully integrated development environment for machine learning.

With the new notebook experience, you can now quickly launch notebooks without needing to pick an instance and wait for it to be operational. The experience is integrated with AWS SSO, making it easy to use your organizational credentials to access them. The latest SageMaker Studio SDK is pre-installed on the notebooks, allowing you to build, train, debug, track, and monitor your models programmatically. You can also share your notebooks with your peers using a single click.

The existing experience of provisioning notebook instances first before launching notebooks will continue to be supported. However, these notebooks will not have the fast start-up and collaboration features compared to the notebooks launched via SageMaker Studio.

The new notebook experience with SageMaker Studio is currently available for preview in US East (Ohio) region today, with additional regions coming soon. Read the product documentation to learn more.