Posted On: Jan 8, 2020

Amazon Translate a fully managed neural machine translation service that delivers high-quality, and affordable language translation in fifty-four languages – is now introducing Batch Translation. Starting today, customers have the option to translate a large collection of text or HTML documents stored in a folder in Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket using the new asynchronous Batch Translation service. This is in addition to the real-time (synchronous) translation service that is already available, giving you options that best fit your needs.

Batch Translation is now available in six regions - US East 1 (Northern Virginia), US East 2 (Ohio), US West 2 (Oregon), EU West 1 (Ireland), EU Central 1 (Frankfurt), and Asia Pacific North East 2 (Seoul).

Asynchronous batch operations are particularly useful for translating very large collection of texts or HTML documents with one API call, when the application doesn't need a real-time response.

Our asynchronous Batch Translation service accepts a batch of up to 5 GB in size per API call with each document not exceeding 1 MB in size and the number of documents in the S3 bucket folder not exceeding 1 million per batch. See Guidelines and Limits for more details.

Read the Amazon Translate documentation for more information on Command Line Interface (CLI) and AWS SDKs, particularly read the documentation on Asynchronous batch processing and get started on Batch Translation on Amazon Translate console.