Posted On: Jan 6, 2020

Today, AWS announces Systems Manager Change Calendar, a new capability that helps you prevent changes to your AWS resources during important business events. Using Change Calendar, you can schedule calendar events to control the changes made to your AWS resources during events, such as public marketing promotions, when you expect high demand on your resources. 

Once the events are scheduled, you can check the Change Calendar programmatically to determine whether changes are allowed or blocked at any given time. For example, before invoking an AWS Lambda function or an AWS Systems Manager Automation playbook that makes changes to your resources, you can check if the change is permitted by using the Change Calendar API. You can also define a central Change Calendar and share it with other AWS accounts to help ensure adherence to organizational deployment advisory schedules. 

This feature is available in all the Regions where Systems Manager is available. To get started, select Change Calendar from the Systems Manager left navigation menu. To learn more about Change Calendar, visit the AWS Systems Manager product page, Change Calendar blog and documentation.