Amazon Elastic Container Service has added support for canary deployments

Posted on: Feb 6, 2020

Updates to your containers orchestrated by Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) can now be performed using canary or linear deployment strategies by using AWS CodeDeploy.

A blue/green deployment is an approach for updating your cloud-based applications that minimizes interruptions caused by the changes of a new application version. This is accomplished by provisioning and testing the new version alongside the old version before rerouting your production traffic.

With the addition of canary and linear deployments for Amazon ECS you can now configure incremental shifts in production traffic from the old version to the new version. This allows for safer deployments by controlling the exposure of your new version to a limited set of users and allowing time to monitor your application between each traffic shift and quickly rollback if an issue is identified. This ensures your new version is running smoothly before all traffic is shifted and your previous application is shut down.

To learn how to configure canary and linear deployments for Amazon ECS visit our blog and the technical documentation.