Posted On: Mar 16, 2020

Global Datastore is a new feature of Amazon ElastiCache for Redis that provides fully managed, fast, reliable and secure cross-region replication. You can now write to your ElastiCache for Redis cluster in one region and have the data available for read in two other cross-region replica clusters, thereby enabling low-latency reads and disaster recovery across regions.

Designed for real-time applications with a global footprint, Global Datastore for Redis supports cross-region replication latency of typically under one second, increasing the responsiveness of your applications by providing geo-local reads closer to end users. In the unlikely event of regional degradation, one of the healthy cross-region replica clusters can be promoted to become the primary cluster with full read/write capabilities. Once initiated, the promotion typically completes in less than a minute, allowing your applications to remain available. To secure cross-region data transfer traffic, Global Datastore uses encryption in-transit.

You can setup a Global Datastore by starting with an existing cluster, or by creating a new cluster to be used as a primary. Creating Global Datastore for Redis takes just a few clicks in the AWS Management Console for ElastiCache, or can be automated by downloading the latest AWS SDK or CLI. Global Datastore is not yet supported on AWS CloudFormation. Read the Amazon ElastiCache Global Datastore documentation to learn more.

Global Datastore is available with Amazon ElastiCache for Redis 5.0.6 and supported on M5 and R5 nodes. Starting today, Global Datastore is available in US East (N.Virginia), US East (Ohio), US West (Northern California), US West (Oregon), Asia Pacific (Seoul), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), EU (Frankfurt), EU (Ireland) and EU (London) regions at no additional cost. Amazon ElastiCache node-based pricing is applicable for all nodes created as a part of Global Datastore and standard AWS data transfer out rates apply. Please see Amazon ElastiCache pricing for more details.