Posted On: Mar 11, 2020

Amazon Redshift now supports the ability to pause and resume a cluster, allowing customers to easily suspend on-demand billing while the cluster is not being used. For example, a cluster used for development can now have compute billing suspended when not in use. While the cluster is paused, you are only charged for the cluster’s storage. This adds significant flexibility in managing operating costs for your Amazon Redshift clusters.

The pause and resume operations can be invoked in the Redshift console or using the Redshift API. Paused clusters will still appear as an entry in the console. Pause and resume can also be automated using a schedule you define to match your operational needs.

Pause and resume is available in all Amazon Redshift Regions. Refer to the AWS Region Table for Amazon Redshift availability.

To learn more about using pause and resume, see the Amazon Redshift documentation.