Posted On: Mar 27, 2020

AWS Managed Services (AMS) now supports several AWS big data tools, including Amazon Sagemaker, AWS Lake Formation, and Amazon CloudSearch as Self-provisioned services (previously known as enabled or compatible services). With the support of these three new AWS services, you can deploy machine learning models, query large volumes of data and quickly deploy data lakes, all natively within AMS Managed Landing Zones.  

Using the new Amazon Sagemaker, AWS Lake Formation, and Amazon CloudSearch Self-provisioned service roles, you can safely build big data services on AWS while maintaining access to 24/7 AMS operational support. AMS Self-provisioned Services remove the barriers typical of managed services providers by empowering developers and speeding migration to the cloud through curated, native AWS access. With the addition of these new services, AMS now supports 75 AWS services giving you more freedom to modernize your infrastructure with AMS as your partner. 

Amazon Sagemaker, AWS Lake Formation and Amazon CloudSearch are supported as Self-provisioned services anywhere AWS Managed Services are available. For a full list of supported services, please refer to the AWS supported services Region table. To learn more about AMS, visit our website