Posted On: Apr 21, 2020

Amazon GuardDuty adds support for AWS Organizations to simplify threat detection across all existing and future accounts in an organization. With this launch, new and existing GuardDuty customers can delegate any account in their organization as the GuardDuty administrator and manage GuardDuty for up to 5,000 AWS accounts. Customers using GuardDuty’s existing multi-account feature can transition to AWS Organizations supported multi-account management without any disruption to existing GuardDuty operations. When managing GuardDuty with AWS Organizations, customers can automatically apply GuardDuty’s threat detection to new accounts added to the organization. This support is available today in all GuardDuty supported AWS regions. To learn more, see the Amazon GuardDuty account management User Guide

AWS Organizations helps you centrally govern your environment as you grow and scale your workloads on AWS. Whether you are a growing startup or a large enterprise, Organizations helps you to centrally manage billing; control access, compliance, and security; and share resources across your AWS accounts. Amazon GuardDuty continuously monitors for malicious or unauthorized behavior to help protect your AWS resources, including your AWS accounts and access keys. GuardDuty identifies unusual or unauthorized activity, like cryptocurrency mining or infrastructure deployments in a region that has never been used.  

You can enable your 30-day free trial of Amazon GuardDuty with a single-click in the AWS Management console. Please see the AWS Regions page for all the regions where GuardDuty is available. To learn more, see Amazon GuardDuty Findings and to start your 30-day free trial, see Amazon GuardDuty Free Trial. To receive programmatic updates on new Amazon GuardDuty features and threat detections, please subscribe to the Amazon GuardDuty SNS topic