Posted On: Apr 8, 2020

Throughout a migration, you will want to compare on-premises infrastructure costs to AWS costs, so that you can track spend and adjust your plans to maximize the ROI of your migration project. Migration Hub’s automatic tagging helps you track costs of migrated resources and compare that to on-premises costs using Cost Allocation Tagging and AWS Cost Explorer. For migrations tracked using the Migration Hub, an AWS system tag is automatically applied to each migrated EC2 instance or AMI. AWS resources are tagged with the key aws:migrationhub:source-id and the tag value is the discovery server ID corresponding to the originating server. Migration Hub can be used to track migrations from CloudEndure Migration, Server Migration Service, or other tooling using the AWS SDK/CLI. 

Migration Hub provides a single location to discover your on-premises infrastructure, obtain right-sized EC2 instance recommendations, and track the progress of your application migrations across multiple AWS and partner services. You can migrate into any AWS region supported by your migration tools and the migration status will appear in Migration Hub. 

AWS Migration Hub is available to AWS customers at no additional charge in US West (Oregon), EU (Frankfurt), and Asia Pacific (Sydney). To get started with Migration Hub, log in to the Migration Hub console and follow the guided workflow. Once you start migrating with CloudEndure Migration or Server Migration Service, activate the Migration Hub tag aws:migrationhub:source-id as a Cost Allocation Tag and see tagged costs in AWS Cost Explorer. To learn more about auto-tagging see the Migration Hub User Guide.